Jean-Nicolas Richardson

Jean-Nicolas Richardson

Jean-Nicolas is a fully bilingual guitarist, pianist and composer, currently majoring in Guitar in the Bachelor of Music performance program at Carleton University. He is also a graduate, with honours, of the Music Industry Arts program at Algonquin College. 

Jean-Nicolas gets great joy from seeing his students’ pride from their accomplishments. Having been involved in the francophone community, Jean-Nicolas has lead music workshops for young and aspiring musicians in Les Jeux Franco-Ontariens. His teaching role involved him working with groups of 8 to 10 young musicians at a time, helping them learn and apply composition techniques into their own interpretations of popular French songs. These interpretations would later be perform by the students as part of the festival. 

Jean-Nicolas is able to prepare his students for Royal Conservatory of Music exams, festivals, auditions etc., but is also happy to teach students for the enjoyment of learning music.   

Mr. Richardson is mostly self-taught, and this experience has molded his teaching approach into one in which he lets his students take ownership of their musical journey, offering his guidance along the way. 

Jean-Nicolas loves to compose music that blends genres together. He is influenced by sources as disparate as heavy metal, punk rock, electronic dance music and the epic scores of orchestral music. The dynamic and strong melodies of his compositions have often been compared to those of film and video game music.

Awards and accomplishments:

  • Composer and producer of the theme song for Les Jeux Franco-Ontariens. 
  • “Judge Favorite Guitarist” (Sudbury, 2014) at Quand Ca Nous Chante.
  • “Best Group” (Ottawa, 2015) at Quand Ca Nous Chante.
  • Recipient of the Best Collaboration and Best Audio Post Awards (2015) from the Music Industry Arts program.
  • Worked in audio post-production on a diversity of projects such as “Jackson and Song’s Maple Mystery”, “Amelie & Compagnie” and “Wild Kratts”. 
  • Live audiovisual technician at ME Productions in Vars on events like l'ACFO's Gala du Prix Bernard Grandmaître and Kemptville Live.