Joe Donaghey

Joe Donaghey

Joseph Donaghey holds an advanced diploma in performance from Cambrian College
(2015), majoring in classical guitar and minoring in piano, and a bachelor’s degree with a major
performance and minor in composition from Memorial University (2018). Fall 2020 will see Joe return to his studies to pursue a master’s degree in composition while continuing as an educator in the community.

Joe believes that learning an instrument should be a fun and rewarding experience to carry throughout someone's life. Everyone has the ability to learn an instrument and studying with Joe will give you the knowledge, ability, and motivation to learn your favorite songs. Joe will teach you everything you need to know to become the best musician you can be. ‎

Between 2018-2020, Joe worked as a community music educator with the non-profit International Grenfell
Association in rural Newfoundland where he offered free music programs and training in various
communities. Working with the IGA Joe has provided weekly music lessons to 40+ students,
fundraising talent shows for local youth centres, training for sea and air cadet marching bands,
opportunities for performances, workshops such as Young Folk at The Hall with Fergus O’Byrne,
among other exciting events.

Joe is classically trained and also meddles in popular styles. He has performed as a solo performer and also in ensembles, playing prog and tech metal covers and also writing for a solo album. ‎

As a composer, Joe draws influence and inspiration from the unique sounds of electronic music, the “music for
guitarists” attitude of heavy metal, and the beautiful sound and wide abilities of the classical guitar.
As well as various sources including writers such as Kafka, Hesse, Asimov, and Lovecraft. Classical
composers like Takemitsu, Xenakis, Scelsi, and Roland Dyens alongside metal and electronic
artists. Stylistically Joe’s music can be described as heavily rhythmic with catchy melodies and ever-
changing harmonies. Writing with the mantra to make music that is “Fun to write, exciting to learn
and perform, and sonically pleasing to the audience” Joe’s hope is to expand the repertoire of the
guitar with a large focus on electronics taking an important role as an ensemble instrument.