Eric Vanier

Eric Vanier

A graduate of the Audio Engineering program at the Audio Recording Academy, and Media and Communications at Algonquin college, I have been writing and performing music since the age of 16 after having had received my first 4 track recorder. 

After having discovered a natural talent and knack for writing music, I began approaching small businesses, promoting the need for jingles and music for their websites. 

My first breakthrough was being hired to compose a jingle for the Garlic King, at Really Lebanese, in Orleans, ON, in 1999. It was then where I discovered my true passion: Creating music for the people. 

I have been working in the audio recording business ever since. Whether it be teaching, writing, recording or producing music in various styles for various clients, I am passionate about audio and music and can accommodate a wide spectrum of musical styles. I have had the pleasure to be a creative part of many projects, as an Audio Freelancer. My compositions and audio work have appeared on: Rogers Television, TVO, CBC Radio 3, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Apple Podcasts and many more. 

In 2009, I was runner up in the Indie International Songwriting contest, with over 200,000 appli- cants from all around the world. 

When I am not working with music and sound, I am finding other creative outlets. In early 2020, I completed a 6 week intensive course at Sergei De Jonge’s School of Lutherie, where I built an acoustic guitar from scratch. I also thoroughly enjoy making fresh Pesto. 

Throughout my musical adventures, I have been teaching guitar for the last 20 years, starting off at Domenic’s Music Academy in Orleans, and then taking on students privately.