In-Home and In-Person Lessons At The Studio

Social Distancing

  • when possible, we encourage students to have their lessons on-line.
  • please do not send your child to an in-person lesson, if they are displaying symptoms of Covid-19 or flu, or if they have been in contact with someone who is believed to have Covid-19, or has tested positive for the virus. In that case, the student can have their lesson online.
  • keep two metres apart in the hallways and studio rooms.
  • all in-person lessons are one-on-one; no group classes.
  • lesson times will be staggered in a way that will minimize the possibility of person-to-person contact inside the studio. Start and end times must be observed to minimize the flow of traffic inside the studio.
  • there will be two pianos in each room, at least two metres from each other; one for the teacher and one for the student.
  • there will be no more than 3 teachers teaching at a time (in separate rooms).
  • for children 8 years of age, or older parents/guardians must drop off their children at the time of the lesson and wait outside the studio until the lesson is over.
  • the waiting room is temporarily closed.
  • for students under 8-years of age, only one parent can accompany their child and must wait in the lesson room with the child.
  • students will not need to bring their notebooks to lessons, as teachers will make notes and send them by email.


  • Doors and windows will remain open, as long as weather permits, to allow ventilation.
  • face masks must be worn by all students 6 years of age, or older. Remember to avoid touching your mask and face.


  • hand sanitizers will be at the entrance and in every room and students must use them before and after the lesson.
  • student pianos will be wiped down between lessons.
  • teacher pianos will be wiped down at the end of each shift.
  • cleaning of surfaces, doorknobs, instruments, etc, will take place regularly during the day and the end of the day.
  • please only use the washroom for hand washing and emergencies. It is preferred if you have your child use the washroom at home.
  • bathrooms will also be cleaned regularly during the day and at the end of each day.