Lessons are offered in English or French.

We offer private, semi-private and group lessons at our location or at your home. The length of time of lessons can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes depending on the student's level and the size of the group.

We offer instruction for all musical instruments as well as theory and ear-training, music history, composition, improvisation, music learning by ear and rote.

We prepare students for Kiwanis, Royal Conservatory of Music Exams, recitals, entry into university music programs, school band or orchestra exams and performances. 

Group Classes (Beginner and Intermediate, 8-week courses)

This course is for students who know which instrument they would like to learn how to play, whether it is piano, guitar or violin. In this course students will learn how to play music on said instruments by ear and by rote.

Group classes are a fun and interactive way for students to learn to play an instrument. It is easier for some students to learn in a group for a few reasons: they are motivated to learn at the same pace as their peers, if they do not understand a concept, they can watch how some on else does it, and the class is filled with fun games that teach skills.

Our classes are led by a skilled instructor and a qualified assistant to make sure students receive the proper attention. Group classes are offered at our studio and at Dovercourt Recreational Facility.

Groups will be made up of students close in age and technical ability.

Music Initiation course (12-week course)

This course consists mostly of games and activities that are geared towards exposing children to musical concepts that they would be mostly unaware of. It is for children with no musical background, but it could also be adapted and become useful to advanced students.

The goal of the class is to give students an overall appreciation of music by informing them about various aspects of music such as:

  • dynamics
  • pitch
  • melody and rhythm
  • harmony
  • different genres of music
  • music throughout history
  • music in movies and television
  • notation of melody and the names of notes
  • notation of rhythm
  • identifying different musical instruments (by appearance and by sound)
  • the physics of sound

This is intended to be a fun and interactive way to learn about music. In the very least, it will give students some knowledge that they would otherwise not get from their education at school, and hopefully trigger the desire to want to make music.

We are offering this program at our studio, as well as at the Dovercourt Community Centre. It is intended for groups as small as four and as large as 20 and for ages four and up.


We also provide piano and violin/viola Music for All Occasions including Bar Mitzvahs, Christmas parties, weddings, dinner parties, etc.


Violins and keyboards are available for rental to students. Rental of other instruments can be arranged upon request.