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Music Lessons

What makes us unique?


Christos Yannakis

Christos is a bilingual musician who teaches violin, viola and piano. He has played violin from a young age and received his Bmus in viola performance from Carleton University

While at Carleton University, he played in various small ensembles (contemporary, jazz and classical) and after graduating, he led the Carleton University Contemporary Music Group. He continues to perform, but has recently focused mostly on teaching.

His teaching style is based on developing good technique so that the student is able to reach his/her full potential on the instrument and idiom of choice.

Leana Azerrad

Leana is an accomplished bilingual piano teacher and performer. She received her bachelor of music in piano performance from Carleton University and went on to complete a graduate certificate in Piano Pedagogy at the University of Ottawa.

Leana has taught privately, in English and in French, at her home, at students homes, in a studio and in schools (Ste. Genevieve Elementary Catholic School, St. Francois d'Assise Elementary Catholic School, le Petit Prince Elementary Catholic School) for 10 years. She has also led a tutorial at Carleton University. Her teaching method is well-grounded in piano pedagogy. Her research in pedagogy (especially how the various degrees of parental involvement in tandem with different parenting styles effects a student's motivation to learn and continue taking lessons) has informed and positively influenced her teaching.

Her temperament (at once easy-going and demanding) together with her pedagogical knowledge and over 10 years experience, has made her an extremely sought after teacher who is able to motivate students to reach their full potential.