Lee Zalzalah

Lee Zalzalah

I’m Lee Zalzalah, a saxophonist and clarinetist based in the Ottawa region. I have been playing saxophones for the past 7 years and clarinets for 2. I’m currently enrolled at Carleton University and I’m expected to finish and graduate with a Bachelor of honors in Music in April 2024. My playing styles and experiences have ranged from jazz, to classical, to concert band and orchestra and chamber music.

During my time at the university, I have studied under some of Ottawa’s finest saxophonists including Mike Tremblay and Richard Page, who have since inspired my teaching style to help students take their instrumental playing to the next level through application of exercises, skills and engaging learning through styles and studies that interest them, while also reinforcing general music theory skills and instrument specific technique.

The most important part of learning in music is to have the passion and love for music that allows one to truly savor each and every experience in playing, and helping to reinforce and bring that element of an individual to life is my most valued belief.

I have worked as a clinician for Carleton Place High School’s saxophone section for the past 2 years, and outside of teaching I am an active player in the Ottawa area within the city and as part of the Orleans Jazz Band (OJB).

Using my experience, I hope to bring out the full potential of my students and help them
to learn and love playing their instrument as a regular part of their everyday life.